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Artist Dickie Peterson
Title Tramp
Release Date 2014-12-09
Genre Rock > Rock > Blues Rock
Copyright © Nibelung Records

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Blue Cheer mastermind Dickie Peterson in a rare solo live show with band

DICKIE PETERSON -- LINER NOTES Rock has the long-standing reputation of being a bastion of freedom and self-expression. A veritable breeding ground of artistic license where the very practitioners of the form issue the permits. In truth, however, the industry powers that be hold sway over both license and permit. The Rolling Stanes went from fighting in the streets to barfing in the discos. The Who from onstage pyrotechnics to operas and earplugs. Springsteen from running free to running a business. Yet his tory and finances have been very kind to these giants of rock. Saturation marketing by the conglomerates has placed mass over content and the record buying populace dutifuly takes it like an enema from Nurse Ratched. The musical hurricane of fa te has not been nearly as benevolent to its other chilclren who have been denied superstar status. They have not been gran ted passage to the halcyon eye. Rather, tbey continue to fight the good fight within the maelstrom. With this release, Dickie Peterson is celebrating his 30th year in music. Still Dickie rocks on and--no--he hasn't sold out. How about a big cheer for one of rock's founding fathers ... an Original Human Being .•. Dickie Petersont!!


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