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Artist Delaraf
Title Pyro
Release Date Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © VAM-United Records

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A fusion of seven great artists - Pyro!

Delaraf is proud to announce the release of his first album entitled „Pyro“ via VAM-United Records. Delaraf is an young, upcoming music producer, composer and audio-engineer.
He started to work on this project in 2017 and finished it one year later in 2018. „Pyro“ contains seven songs, including features with Kevin STVXX, Screezy224, Sinaa, OGTIPICALL, Lion and TaeBoi.
The title „Pyro“, derived from the ancient Greek word „pyr“ which means „the fire“, is the perfect word to describe this fusion of seven great artists, because each song sets every place it’s played on on fire.
This album can be played anywhere, from a small birthday party to a huge festival, at a long car trip or even after a hard day of work. It’s the perfect album to calm down or even to turn up and to celebrate life in all its facets. Do you feel like you’re DRUNK IN LOVE or do you just want to reflect your PAST? Does life sometimes seems to be a big pile of F**K SH*T and all you wanna do is just lay back and ROLL DE G? Perfect! All you need for that is this album.
„All I want to say is thanks to everyone who helped me realize this project. The creating process of every song was an unique experience and I’m thankful for that.“ - Delaraf.


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