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Artist Delaraf feat. Kevin Stvxx
Title Feelings
Release Date 2019-03-13
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © VAM-United Records

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Feelings - Pleasure or Pressure?

KEVIN STVXX and Delaraf are proud to announce the release of their new single entitled „feelings“ via VAM-United Records. Delaraf is an young, upcoming music producer, composer and audio-engineer. KEVIN STVXX is a very talented singer, music producer and composer.

Their fourth collaboration was produced, recorded and mixed by Delaraf and written and performed by KEVIN STVXX. This sad song is an interesting combination of Trap, Hip-Hop and R’n’B, together with an emotional guitar riff, composed and performed by Delaraf. 

With only 96 beats per minute, this song is actually to slow to be classified as Trap-Music. Delaraf decided to choose this slow BPM, because he thought, that this is the perfect tempo for a guitar riff idea, he had in his head. After composing the melody on a keyboard, he recorded it on a real electronic guitar and layered the melody with a simulated guitar from a Kontak5 library to get exactly the sound he had in mind. 

„It’s important to know, that I’m not a professional guitar player. I’m not even an unprofessional guitar player. I’m just not a guitar player and I don’t wanna make it look like I am trying to convince the world that I am one, cause I hate fake guitarist and I love genres like Hard Rock and Metal. But I own some guitars - acoustic and electronic - and I use them as some kind of sound-source. After I composed a melody on a keyboard, I am going to learn how to play it on a guitar, no matter if my technique is right or not. After practicing, I record that riff. That’s the way I work. I just hate to use only a guitar plugin, because using nothing else than a plugin does not sound authentic enough for me.“

„This song is about myself and how I got my feelings hurt. It is about how it's not supposed to be in a true Relationship. You know you find someone you fall in love with and everything is cool and relaxed (that's what I thought). I felt comfortable but after a while it fell all apart and I found out that my Partner at the time was sleeping and creeping behind my back, so I decided to make this song, so anybody who been through some similar stuff could relate to this track.“

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