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Sabhae -Jee- Samaal

Artist Daler Mehndi
Title Sabhae -Jee- Samaal
Release Date Thursday, March 26, 2015
Genre Devotional & Spiritual > Sikhism
Copyright © D Records
Country INDIA

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Sabhae -Jee- Samaal

Infusion of music is borne of chance. Sabhae Jee Samaal, a Shabad written by the fifth Sikh Guru Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji, is a hymn, a prayer for global protection of beings alive and those ascended to the nexus plane, the netherworlds. An exemplary display of chemistry is when two elements come together to form larger idea or a phenomenon, the same can be largely witnessed, heard and felt in the rendition of the Shabad voiced by the Indian king of Pop Daler Mehndi with his late uncle and Keertankar Ragi Bhai Kishanpal Singh. The hymn has many verses from the Adi Granth substantiating on the benevolence of the Supreme Power. The 27 minutes hymn is sung in the Puratan Keetran style using Chhota Teen Taal meter of rhythm.


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