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Na domačem vrtu / In the family garden

Artist Bratko Bibič & The Madleys
Title Na domačem vrtu / In the family garden
Release Date Thursday, September 24, 2009
Genre Folk > Contemporary Folk
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The music of Bratko Bibič is paradoxical: simple and complex, serious and funny,

Bratko Bibic is Ljubljana (Slovenia) based accordionist and composer, well known in some audiences and media internationally and less, if at all known in others. He has been involved in numerous solo performances, collaborations with other musicians and artists in various experimental projects and sharing festival stages, establishing member of the legendary "progressive rock" (rock in opposition) group Begnagrad ("One of pioneers of world music"), member of international groups Nimal (with Momo Rossel and Tom Cora | CH, USA) and Accordion Tribe (USA, A, SF, S), as well as a leader of The Madleys group (SLO). He has published 11 LPs and CDs (counting together with two CD releases announced in 2002) in Switzerland, France, Germany and Slovenia. Bratko Bibic is one of the very first composers and perfomers who, beginning in early 1970s, started to make music for and by accordion in a way which liberated this instrument from its notorious one-way identification with particular music genres such as traditional and especially so called "new composed" commercial folk music of mainly European origins. In the very beginning of the year 2002 (February), Bratko Bibic and his group The Madleys released their new CD album titled "In the Family Garden". The title of the CD refers to the silent movie which has been edited by Bratko himself from the Slovene film archive materials in the time period from 1999 (part 1) to 2001 (part 2) and has been produced by the Cinema Ear Program of the Slovene Cinematheque.