On my way

Artist BlueLee
Title On my way
Release Date Friday, March 6, 2020
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © dein-studio records

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On my way - BlueLee

Sky has no limit it‘s just the view that‘s what Bluelee believes in and what her debut EP: On my way represents.

You can be the writer of your own story, be aware that you hold the pen in your own hands. Lead your own way, discover, believe, create and always stay real.
On her journey she traveled around the world to see cultures, meet new people with different points of view and learned new languages to discover herself, her passions and visions.
After her travels one thing has clearly changed: you don’t only see nice views but you see things with completely different eyes.
Bluelee knows she wants to be independent to spend time as she chooses, be at peace and she is aware once this is accomplished she will finally be doing what she loves.
This feeling is shown through her music and that‘s exactly what on my way represents, do what you love and love what you do.
Don’t mind new challenges or the way until you arrive. It might be ruff but that only makes you stronger. If you fall stand up and focus on the end goal. You never know what happens tomorrow and so do what makes you happy today and appreciate and embrace it. Go for it - no matter what.
Through her music Bluelee motivates people with hope and faith to start creating their own foot steps for whatever their hearts truly desire no matter what kind of origin or religion. You are a special star and the universe has so much to offer.

Ask, believe and receive and make your own foot prints unforgettable - On my way release March 6th 2020!