Glida Vidare

Artist Björn Bonnevier
Title Glida Vidare
Release Date Thursday, September 1, 2011
Genre Reggae > Reggae
Copyright © A Brand New Day
Country SWEDEN

Promotion Text

Björn Bonnevier / Glida Vidare Release

It is not without a certain amount of pride that we release Björn Bonneviers debut album Glida Vidare. We began working with the record for almost three years ago. The journey has been long but comparatively straight. You can often wish that things would happen faster than they do but I think that the time taken to get Glida Vidare record completed has affected the record positively. Simply let it mature a bit and developed during the process. For me personaly, the journey we made was of great value and something I would never wish undone. Getting to know ones little brother in the way that I have done is a rare luxury. I am proud of the result and hope that more than me and my colleagues in our little record company will come to appreciate Björn´s gentle text flow and soft rhytm. We have chosen to promote the song Glida vidare as the first single with a video on youtube. Now we begin the work to let more people share the project. We hope you will take the time to listen to a couple of tracks and hopefully like what you hear. Sincerely, Andreas Bonnevier / A Brand New Day

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