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Men je kull

Artist Banditi
Title Men je kull
Release Date Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Genre Rock > Punk > Emo-Punk
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Banditi are a slovenian punk band from Idrija that started their career at the end of the summer of 2005 and at the time set a short term, a concert, two, up to three. Fifteen years later, they're still here, with the new single »Men je kull«. Bandits do not aim for "perfect, over-produced music" in their tracks, but rather for "direct, authentic sound." Punkers from Idrija are entering the new year with a new single, "Men je kull" which speaks of a deformed society full of commercials and unnecessary things that are supposed to serve our ideal lives. Banditi, however, contrary to the belief of the majority, say that for a good life they only need their peace and that most good things happen when nothing happens.