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Artist Apostolos Angelis
Title Hologram
Release Date 2009-10-15
Genre Pop > Instrumental
Copyright © Apoapsis Records Ltd
Country GREECE

Promotion Text

A superb album of electronic instrumental music.

In his debut album “HOLOGRAM”, Apostolos Angelis, delves into a cosmic musical futurism with a panoramic fervor that transcends sampling technologies and ordinary musical techniques. By introducing a contemporary new age electronic work characterized by organic analogue and digital feel, muted drum beats, melodic sounds and ethereal golden textures, the artist guides cosmic fragments into a unique music expression, incorporating warmth, diverse emotions and hidden messages. With skilful performance and innovative fusion of advanced synthesizers, microtuning alteration, choirs, chants, virtual & processed voices, world vocals and orchestral elements, Apostolos Angelis makes everything blend together in a vast musical imagery, and gifts an album without boundaries or limits.The album opens magisterially with "Mars to Gaia". Created by a palette of keyboard washes, female voices and hypnotic layers, the opening title evokes the sense of distant rhythmic human steps in cosmic dust and creates the ambience for the ensuing. In celebrating the libidinous surrealistic "Ether Rails", the composer mixes incantatory gothic choirs, African voices, female whisperings and drums that tranquilly break bones, with inspired dreamy harmonies and melodies."Sun’s Death" slides into a combination of virtual Tibetan chanting, classic church organ parts, ethereal opera vocals and delirious analogue synthesizers that generate the darkness of a universal burial rites. With the enigmatic title "Unfolded Square of Weakness" the artist merges profound melodies, synth sweeps, lickerish exotic voices and antigravity non-Western drum blips that all together lead in a peaceful Gregorian chant at the end of the track. You can feel his journey in the dark side of all things, and fantasize a walk on a corridor with candlesticks at the "Cemetery of Dreams", accompanied by sacred ancient voices, heavy unrealistic percussion grooves, angel choirs with doppler effects, suspenseful sound layers and timpani booms. An illusory place, where human dreams are buried. With the closing track "Planets Symposium", the composer changes the motive of his work and brings forward a heavenly, massive, and delicate track. By blending classical sounding orchestral percussion and chorus with tribal vocals, arpeggio synthesizer instruments, keyboard layers and effects, Apostolos Angelis creates the majesty of a planetary symposium and reveals his multidimensional art.

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