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Futile Orchestrations

Artist Ampharxis
Title Futile Orchestrations
Release Date 2017-07-12
Genre Alternative > Alternative Rock
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Ampharxis - "Futile Orchestrations"

Ampharxis´ second release "Futile Orchestrations" is a conceptual, theatrical oriented E.P. which gained its name after not having achieved its originally desired sound.

Futile Orchestrations was composed and recorded between Mexico City and Trier Germany, being finally released on April 3rd 2011.

Futile Orchestrations' raches continuity to its predecessor's "Undetermined Circumstances" quest for a new sound to be found in multi layer music and sound experimentations.

Male Vocals on "Dissolution"
- Y es que aún hoy, me parece impresionante la capacidad de destrucción que se puede alcanzar con nada más, y nada menos que el uso de manos humanas.

Female voices on "Futile Orchestrations (Rough Mix)"
- An Idea leads to an action, actions always transcend, this transcendence has an impact which entirely depends on the origin and development of its cause.

- O contexto no qual o impacto está, está diretamente relacionada com a ideia. E a ideia está diretamente relacionada ao contexto, no qual este esta.

- The environment in which the impact develops, its directly related to the idea, and the idea, is directly related to the environment in which events occur.

- Es gibt viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten, viele Optionen.

- Toma teu tempo. não tens que dizer nada agora.

- so, es ist schon spät, wir haben keine Zeit mehr, Stop! Wir müssen aufhören. Es ist schon spät. Wir haben keine Zeit mehr, Stop!

Ampharxis - Futile Orchestrations
The only futile music is the one which never will be heard.

„Der Mensch ist erst wirklich tot, wenn niemand mehr an ihn denkt.“
Bertolt Brecht

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